Italy is trying to steal our soccer jesus

pretzeItaly, the land of beautiful women, leaning towers, and the Pope, is up to something. AC Milan of the Italian Serie A division requested to “borrow” the man-who-would-single-handedly-save-American-soccer-with-his-good-looks-and-charm-and-ungodly-amount-of-money, David Beckham. Beckham’s American team, the L.A. Galaxy naively agreed to the loan. After a bit of a rocky start, Beckham has played well for his new team. So much so that AC Milan’s coach Carlo Ancelotti has publicly declared his desire for Beckham to remain with the club. Beckham himself has even hinted at his own desire to stay with AC Milan.

See? George Bush isn’t even out of office for two weeks and Europe thinks they can start walking all over us. Unacceptable. I know for a fact that if AC Milan had tried pulling this stunt with W. still in power, Italy would be on the axis of evil in a  New York minute. George Bush would already be threatening sanctions and a full scale ground invasion.  Think of all the American soccer fans who will be devastated if Beckham leaves. We’re talking about anywhere from 10-20 people who will be crushed. Can you live with that, President Obama?


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