Taxes: Let’s just do it and get on with our lives (that’s what she said)

471650882_bba44a32c6I am certainly not a tax expert (in fact, I am probably the furthest thing from it), but unlike a seemingly dwindling number of rich and powerful Americans, I do understand the basic concept.  We are taxed on things like property and income so the government can provide services to its people.  As Americans, we have all agreed to pay taxes.  So if we don’t pay taxes, we are cheating.  I hope I haven’t lost anyone thus far.

Recently, two of President Obama’s cabinet appointees were scrutinized for their attempts to avoid paying taxes.  God forbid that Tim Geithner and Tom Daschle, two of the most powerful men in the United States, pay their taxes.  If I am not mistaken, what these two men did is cheating.  Now, not completing the assigned readings for a history class and instead reading notes provided by other students simply to score high on tests and quizzes is one thing, but not paying taxes is another.  I understand that the IRS only audits a select number of Americans, and that it is easier than many people think to evade taxation, but come on.  To quote Amy Poehler and Seth Meyer, “Really?!?!”  The government has established a pretty fair method through which Americans are taxed, and I am having trouble seeing why attempting to avoid paying taxes seems to be the new Casper slide.  Paying taxes isn’t a game- it is an obligation.  And if you don’t accept that, you’re probably a muggle.


2 Responses to “Taxes: Let’s just do it and get on with our lives (that’s what she said)”

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    Robbie you’re my favorite.

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