But now how am I going to find out who the sluttiest sophomore is?

pretzWell, America, our financial woes continue. Don’t be surprised if Congress authorizes a bailout for gossip websites within the next week or two. Today is a sad day for bullies all over the country. The moderately popular college gossip website JuicyCampus is shutting down Thursday, February 5. Matt Ivester, the site’s creator, told reporters that today’s economic climate has prevented the website from procuring the necessary advertising revenue.

Unfortunately, college kids will need to look elsewhere to gossip and spread rumors about one another. Might I suggest this website? There is a comment section on the page, so if anyone feels the need to explain (rationally of course) why their fraternity is the best and the most awesome and all the others are not as good at pleasing women as them and can’t handle their liquor quite like they can, feel free to use Pretzel Day’s comment section.



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