Joaquin Phoenix determined to make a fool of himself

ok1Joaquin Phoenix announced yesterday that he is determined to embarass himself.  The former Oscar nominee told the Associated Press that his most recent movie Two Lovers will be his last. However, Joaquin has no intention of going gently into the good night.

Joaquin Phoneix plans on becoming a rapper. Phoneix first performed publicly at a Las Vegas night club on January 9th. And the audience reacted, well, the way you would expect a group of people to react to an Oscar nominated actor attempting to rap. They were confused.

That being said, we here at Pretzel Day applaud Joaquin. He is attempting to harken us back to the days of harmless celebrity weirdness. It seems that the days of celebrity eccentricities are gone. Now, when celebrities act out, it’s down right dangerous. Nick Nolte likes to drive drunk. T.I. gets arrested for having a weapons aresnal large enough to single handedly “surge” a middle eastern country.

Why can’t our celebrities like to have harmless fun? Where is our Mickey Mantle? He never hurt anybody. (Provided no one was living in his liver) Where is Howard Hughes? He made us feel better about ourselves through his harmless, crippling OCD.

Thank you, Joaquin. Thank you for reminding us of a simpler time.

ABC News: Joaquin Phoenix: Rap Bid is No Joke

ABC News Video: Joaquin Phoenix Falls Into His Music


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