Chris Brown does not want any of your backtalk

pretz1Chris Brown, the 19 year old R&B singer, wants it to be known that just because he has a high pitched singing voice, does not make him less of a man. Brown and his fellow singer girlfriend Rhianna both canceled their scheduled appearances during last night’s Grammys. We at Pretzel Day do not like it when celebrities shirk their responsibilities, but we understand that the two had bigger things to worry about considering Brown was arrested on felony charges earlier that day.

The trouble began early Sunday. Brown and an unidentified woman were driving around Los Angeles when the two got into an argument. The fight alledgedly escalated to the point that Brown attacked the woman. The woman eventually got away and ran to a police station where she identified Brown as her attacker. Brown turned himself in to the Los Angeles police around 7 pm Sunday night.

You (allegedly) showed us Chris Brown. Sure you sing real high, but you sure can (alledgedly) use those fists of yours.

CBS 13: Chris Brown Arrested for Alleged Felony Assault


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