George Bush is dead to South Africa

pretz1During a news broadcast in South Africa earlier today ETV ran a scrolling headline across the screen which read, “George Bush is dead.”

The technical director for the newscast was testing the headline to see what the banner looked like. However, instead of pressing the button for a test run, he accidentally hit the live broadcast button.

There’s just one thing we here at Pretzel Day do not understand. As anyone with a brain knows, W. was one of the greatest Presidents, nay, American of all time. So how is there not not mass protest and outrage in South Africa to such a mistake? Surely there were millions of South Africans who were overcome with grief at the sight of those words. Why is there not more of a clamor for this technical directors head? Literally his head. What, is George Bush not liked over there or something?

BBC News: SA TV Make a ‘Bush is dead’ Bushism


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