Fast Times at Stevenson High

Just a twenty minute drive north from the hometown of Pretzel Day, Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Ill., has found itself in a fight over censorship.

A Jan. 30 edition of the school’s student newspaper The Statesman discussed teen sex, with three stories and four sidebars chronicling various one-night stands, casual sex, dating and the like.

Shortly after they were printed, all 3,400 free copies of The Statesman disappeared. The initial fingers were pointed at the administration, which the administration denies.

The controversial subject of the issue and the strange disappearance of the copies led to what the article called “the largest attendance in recent memory at a District 125 School Board meeting.” (The article goes on to say that the attendance number at the meeting was a whopping 20 people. Keep in mind, as of 2005-2006, there were 4507 students enrolled in Stevenson High School. Talk  about your angry army of pitchfork-toting parents).

It is inspiring and a relief to hear that the parents were present on behalf of the newspaper, demanding that censorship not stand in the way of the students’ free speech. Not only is a free media at the core of a functioning society, it is also good to see that the taboo subjects of today aren’t something to go overboard about. Keep in mind that those Romans loved their sex orgies and that Greeks loved to publicly walk around in the nude (I know of a few who still do today).

But the question still remains: What happened to all those printed copies? Even the Principal admits that kids wouldn’t take that many copies so quickly. Maybe some girl with self-esteem issues found herself mentioned too many times and decided to burn all of them. Or maybe some horny freshman is getting off to all 3,400 copies as we speak.

But to the disappointment to all 20 parents who showed up to the board meeting, the issue wasn’t even discussed. Talk about your emphatic “We Don’t Care.” So why are we even talking about this? Beats me, it’s 3:30 in the morning and I still have a philosophy paper to write. Maybe the media isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Screw you Fox Chicago.


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