Danny Ocean’s involvement in the scheme remains unclear


Greece has a long and proud history and, given its size, has contributed an inordinate amount to the world.

Democracy, geometry, philosophy, Socrates and myself are just a few examples of Greek accomplishments which are still around today.

However, within the last few millenia, Greece’s contributions have declined a teeny bit. Aside from a brieft moment of glory during World War II when Greece kicked the crap out of Italy and gave Germany all they could handle, there have been more embarassing moments than proud ones.

Last Sunday was no different.

The Korydallos Prison in Greece was the site of an elaborate escape of two of Greece’s most wanted inmates Sunday afternoon. The two prisoners, Vassilis Paleokostas and Alket Rizai, are convicted burgulars who were sentenced to serve their time in the maximum security prison. The two apparently arranged for a helicopter to fly to the roof of the prison when a rope ladder was thrown down to allow the men to climb aboard.

The incident was captured on tape.

By itself, such an elaborate escape would be reason enough for the Greek government to be embarassed. But there’s more. Here’s the real kicker:

The two men had done the nearly EXACT same thing before in an earlier prison escape.

So let’s see. The incident was captured on tape. It involved thieves. A helicopter was used in a comical, predictable, overused (literally, the second time) fashion. If you can get Don Cheadle attached sounds like you got one hell of a movie.

Another proud day for me and my people. I’m just waiting to hear how Brad Pitt and Matt Damon were behind this. I bet it has something to do with Andy Garcia, too.


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