Today, Pretzel Day feels like a proud father

6921_552866260211Pretzel Day has been familiar with Duke guard Jon Scheyer for a number of years now. In many respects, we have more in common with him than we do differences. We might have even been able to become friends.

However, seeing as how he continually beat our old high school basketball team, we never quite got along with him. (Also, the fact that we were never formally introduced is another obstacle to friendship.)

Regardless, we, and other high school students hailing from the north shore I’m sure, realized that, when photographed, he had a propensity to look kind of funny.

When Scheyer was in high school and constantly appearing in the newspaper, we could not help but notice that he looked goofy. For years it was our inside little joke. On Chicago’s north shore, not only did we share obscene wealth and access to incredible education, but also the secret knowledge that this phenomenal basketball player looked a little dopey when one takes his picture.

But, alas, Scheyer moved on to play basketball for Duke University and in the Atlantic Coastal Conference. Our cat was out of the bag.

It did not take long for the ruthless ACC fans to jump on Scheyer’s quirky idiosyncrasy. Within a few months, a website dedicated to his peculiarity was made.

Now, the cat is so far out of the bag, that even the mainstream media has picked up on it. A sports editor at the Washington Post documented the second “Operation Scheyerface” pulled off by University of Maryland fans. Operation Scheyerface does, well, exactly what it sounds like it should do. Fans were all asked to print out pictures of Scheyer making a silly face and bring it to the game.

In retrospect, the operation was failure. Duke beat Maryland by a score of 78-67.

Despite the loss, Pretzel Day felt proud when we saw Operation Scheyerface 2 go into action. It seemed like the logical fruition of all the snide, jealous jokes we made so many years ago. The loss we felt when the Scheyerface made it onto the national stage has dissipated. In its place, is a sense of accomplishment.

We are not exactly sure what it feels like to have a child, but we imagine it’s a lot like this. We gave birth to our little baby, watched it grow up, turn on us, experiment with drugs, leave for college, and, finally, grow up and mature into an ACC student section.

We are so proud of you, Operation Scheyerface. But, when you get a chance, call your mothers. We miss you.


1 Response to “Today, Pretzel Day feels like a proud father”

  1. 1 Jake February 28, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    Why is William Hung the one holding the biggest Scheyerface? Is William Hung a Maryland fan?

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