Pretzel Day turns one month

6921_552866260215One month ago today we embarked on a journey.

Three aspiring, young writers took a chance and launched their very own website, unsure how the world would react.

Over five thousand views and many laughs later, here we are. Together. Us and you.

In honor of our first anniversary, (hopefully the first of many, but with the divorce rate as high as it is in this country, who knows) let’s take a look at the Best of Pretzel Day.


We talked about some of our dirty roommates and their dirty sexual encounters.

We discussed the power of short people.

We made an absolutely awful Super Bowl prediction and showed you some light Veggie-porn.

We fantasized about a NASCAR driver.

We encouraged people to start filing their taxes early this year.

We became one of WordPress’ fastest growing blogs and were nominated for an award or two.

We were taught how to”hook-up” thanks to a high school newspaper.

We fell in love.

And, finally, our proudest achievement, we  showed you partial sorority girl nudity.

It was a busy month for all of us. Hopefully, month number two will be equally as exciting.


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