Thom Yorke and Timothy Geithner

6921_5528662602Music and I have sort of a love-hate relationship.

Sometimes, I’ll be really into music. I’ll constantly have iTunes or YouTube open to a song I like and listen to it over and over again. Other times, I’ll ignore music completely. I can go days without listening to song. But, inevitably, the two of us find one another. On a lonely Tuesday night I might call music, crying, and beg to be taken back. Other nights, I might receive a drunken text message from music telling me that it loves me and doesn’t understand why I am such a d-bag. (Music’s word, not mine)

However, since Christmastime, the two of us have settled down. We have become a more stable couple. I would like to attribute this to the two of us reaching an agreement or participating in some form of couples therapy, but, in the end, it is about money.

I was given an iTouch this past December. Now, I am not one to drop price tags, but iTouches are expensive. (I don’t want to come off like a pretentious ass, but two hundred and thirty dollars. iTouches cost two hundred and thirty dollars.) For nearly two months, I had 82 songs on this two hundred plus dollar machine. It felt kind of wasteful.

So, I went in search of songs to add to my collection. My original intention was to stock my iTouch with only songs I enjoy listening too. I can think of hundreds of times where a friend would be playing their mp3 player in the car and spend minutes searching through it to find a song they liked. It seemed stupid. It’s your music player, why would you have music on it you don’t want to listen to?

But, alas, I through caution to the wind and downloaded music like a madman. I had to slow down. I was throwing my iTunes account around with reckless abandon. I began to think that maybe I should have some good music on my iTouch. I mean, after all, it is over two hundred dollars. Two hundred!

Where would I find good music? I don’t know any good music. And if I don’t, then my friends couldn’t know any good music either, they’re dumber than me. I needed someone to tell me what songs were good. I needed someone I trusted. And that is where Thom Yorke comes in.

Thom Yorke is the lead singer of the band Radiohead. Radiohead is widely regarded to be one of the few bands which regularly produce good music. I tried to download some of their songs and listen to it, but, I was less than thrilled with the results. Their songs were okay, but I certainly wouldn’t call it good music. It’s very loud.

It would seem that I was out of luck, but, like a cat, I always land on my feet. I trusted Thom Yorke’s sense of good music but, I just didn’t want the music to be his. So what was I to do? I went to the iTunes Celebrity Playlist feature and found Yorke’s and immediately downloaded his recommendations onto my two hundred and thirty(!) dollar iTouch. It turns out he is much better at recommending good music than actually producing it.

In the end, I don’t care that Radiohead isn’t my cup of tea. As long as Thom Yorke can tell me what good music is, I don’t care if he makes it or not. And in that sense, Thom Yorke is to my iTouch as Timothy Geithner is to the American people. I don’t care if Geithner pays his taxes or not. As long as he gives good recommendations, it’s all gravy.


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