This just in: Jay made correct college choice

Hello reader-dom! Apologies for our hiatus, we were off doing bigger and better things! (Just kidding, we’re just lazy).

But judging by our hit count, many of you haven’t been checking back to see if we’ve been posting (Ah you see, it was all just a test).

Excuses aside, I would like to take a break in my writing of my philosophy paper (everytime I post I seem to be writing a philosophy paper. I guess my contemplative moods make me eager to blog) and announce that Jay, out of all three Pretzel Day bloggers, made the best and wisest college choice!

For those that aren’t in the know, Robbie, Peter and myself all applied to and were accepted into the Journalism program here at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Robbie, being the fan of mediocre athletics and Jewish girls, decided instead to attend Northwestern University, while Peter’s staunch conservative values led him to DePauw University.

I, on the other hand, decided to follow my heart and go with the great academic institution that is the U of I.

And I have been rewarded for it. Besides having a tremendously enjoyable freshman year (reflections to come later), I now have statistical evidence that shows that my beloved U of I is indeed the greatest school in the nation.

U of I has long been termed a “party school,” even though it boasts some of the finest academic programs in the country, especially in engineering, science, and business (and of course, journalism). But what people need to realize is that by striking the correct balance, the U of I provides a perfect college experience.

Take a look at this College Report done by

After the U of I was named as one of Princeton Review’s Top Party Schools (#16 overall), went in to find out which of the top 20 party schools ended up having the most successful students in the future.

The University of Illinois ran away with the title, having both the highest starting median salary and the highest mid-career median salary.

So while my fellow Pretzel Day brethren are busy not partying only to end up not being that successful, I will continue to revel in my well-balanced college experience.

Editor’s Note: Seeing how all three of us are aspiring writers and journalists, this blog entry is not of any significance. Regardless of whichever academic institution we graduate from, we will all be employed for very little money – if that.


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