Maybe I should go to Iran this summer…

So I am approximately one month into my summer break – and to be frank, I have been up to abso-fricken-lutely nothing.

Summer so far has consisted of me sitting in some form of a basement all day and night long. Social networking has been at the top of the agenda. LinkedIn and Twitter have been added to the rotation, and there has been discussion of bringing MySpace and Xanga back. I am enrolled in a summer school class, but seeing how I don’t attend class during the academic year, I don’t see how I would possibly show up in the summer.

The constant berations of my mother and my chronic back problems from lying awkwardly on the couch all day has inspired me to do something with my life. A job search turned out to be unsuccessful (Bush’s failed economic policies hit home. How about a Restaurant bailout plan?), and I even considered posting more on Pretzel Day (we all know how that turned out).

But my channel-surfing has turned me on to some interesting events happening in Iran – and they have made me proud to be a human being.

For those of you who aren’t concerned with global happenings (or happen to watch 10+ hours of television a day), you may be shocked to find out that Iran is making social progress. In the wake of the recent Iranian election in which Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gained reelection over resistance leader Mir-Hossein Mousavi, the Iranian population has grown testy over the election results. The masses have flocked to the streets in protest, and it looks like, at least for a little while, authoritarianism and ridiculous governance in Iran will be challenged.

Mousavi, a former Prime Minister of Iran, isn’t exactly a revolutionary figure that will springboard Iran into free democracy – but he does represent a step forward. Iran, along with whoever else our former President put in the Axis of Evil, embodies the anti-Western ideals that we are so adamant in fighting. Resistance and protest on what seems to be every level of the nation shows a country that is unwilling to condone fraudulent activity or that ridiculous facial hair.

But as an Illinois-an, I can’t really say much when it comes to government corruption and ridiculous hair – especially not after watching Rod Blagojevich make a fool of himself on Second City, Larry King Live, and every imaginable publicized venue (and of course his wife’s equally hilarious performance on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here). Illinois Junior Senator Roland Burris, who is guilty as guilty does, is merely biding his time before he gets thrown in jail alongside Blago or gets defeated in next year’s primaries. Burris recently said he doesn’t want to be judged by his connection to the giant toupee, but instead his work as a Senator. Seeing how he has yet to endorse one of the several hundred Senate amendments that have come through the Senate since his appointment, that probably isn’t a point he should be making.

I apologize for the political tangent and the linking spree that just took place, but all I wanted to do was make this simple juxtaposition. Iran may not enjoy enough freedom in order to have full access to news, yet we in Illinois are quite content with sitting back and letting Chicago turn into a real-life Gotham City. I mean, people in Iran are getting shot (shot!) because of these government-condemned rallies, yet there have been no shootings related to the corruption tree that is Blagojevich’s address book. And people in Chicago love being shot!

If anyone reading is inspired by my incoherent ramble and wishes to join me in my public protest over the current status of our state’s government, just let me know – I have extra signs and bullet proof vests. But until then, I shall be returning to my worthless summer shananigans. Previous shananigans included getting rejected at The Keg while trying to use a white kid’s ID – only to be let in the following week using a Hispanic kid’s ID. Upcoming shananigans include going to the OAR concert this weekend and not going to class. Toodles!


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