College Life: Move-in weekend

The following is a biweekly (That means twice a week, right? It doesn’t? Once every two weeks? Seriously? What’s the word for two times a week? Oh it is biweekly? Cool.) column in which I cover a number of different aspects pertaining to freshman year. Hopefully, this will be a good idea and will be interesting. Some of these recaps will make you laugh, some will make you cry, but they will always be mostly true. Of course, some names and dates have been changed to protect the innocent.

I now leave you with the first of a hopefully long series. It is rated PG-13 and contains adult situations, weather, mud, girls, and rejection.

You know that feeling you get when you’re playing Madden and on the very first play you drop back and throw an interception? Obviously, you haven’t lost. The game isn’t over yet. But the interception sets a tone. It hangs over your head and leaves an awful taste in your mouth. You feel frustrated, pissed, depressed, and incredulous all at the same time. The feeling you get right before you hit the reset button and start fresh. That’s how I felt when I first arrived on campus on move in day.

It was raining on the drive down. This wasn’t a light, fun summer rain. It was a fall-like, cold downpour. When I stepped out of the car, I expected to take a deep breath and smell that awesome post-rain scent. However, that’s not what happened. I stepped out of the car and right into a huge pile of mud, splattering dirt all over my shorts and brand new shoes I had bought to impressive all the college guys and make the girls fall in love with me. Where the hell was that reset button?

So muddy shorts and all I moved my belongings into my new home. After my parents and I shared a tearful good bye, it was time to go out and meet my fellow freshmen. It was Casino Night. One organization or another had organized a series of events during orientation week designed to encourage freshmen to get to know each other. Of course, the event was meant to be dry, so, naturally, my roommate and I strolled the hallways, looking for a place to pregame.

We found a room full of alcohol, females, and smiles down the hall and we began to prepare ourselves to enjoy the university sponsored dry fun.

Prepared a lot.

Most of the rest of the night sort of blurs together. I think I won a lot at the casino. I’m pretty sure I played blackjack. Or poker. Something like that. I do know that I met a girl. I think she was tall and blonde, but I am also not ruling out the possibility that she was short and a brunette. Regardless, I was positive that she was into me. She seemed smitten. She would look at me with the most concerned, curious look. I can’t even tell you the number of times she asked me if I was okay. I couldn’t believe it. She cared about me. We had just met and she already cared about me. I could tell this was the sort of girl with whom I could form a serious, mature college relationship. We could just be like Zak and Kelly from Saved by the Bell: The College Years.

She lived in the same dorm as I except one floor higher. So, naturally, we walked back to our dorm together. As we were just outside the entrance to the dorm she stopped me.

“Wait,” she said as she turned to look at me. “Are you sure you’re going to be okay? You seem pretty drunk…”

“I’m as fine as cloud nine.”**

She wrinkled her nose and smiled.

“You’re funny,” she told me.

“Casey,” I asked her. “Can I kiss you?”

She looked at me with her big, thoughtful eyes and said, “My name’s Annie.”

With that she turned away and walked up the stairs into the dorm. I stared blankly and looked helplessly around for a few seconds. Then I threw up all over the bushes. I stumbled up the steps and into bed a broken and defeated man.

Where the hell was that damn reset button?

**I promise you I actually said this. I’m not proud. This is what made me give up pre-gaming forever.


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