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Pretzel Day Midnight Links

I have been meaning to post for days, but I have struggled mightily trying to come up with some creative, original content. With creativity and originality never being my strong suits, I decided to borrow from the world wide web. And my disinterest in wizardry and midnight movie premieres is your gain tonight! In the spirit of Pretzel Day-favorite blogger Adam Rittenberg and his lunch-time links, here are your midnight links.

That’s it for tonight. I hope you do check out the links, they are definitely worth wasting your time on.


Why I Like Magic, Wizards and Dragons, or, Why I’m Not a Loser

harry-potter-and-the-half-blood-princeBirthdays are usually occasions to remember, however there is one birthday that I am still trying to forget. It was January 26th, 2001 and I was turning 11. Sure I got new video games and some sweet jerseys, but I never got what I really wanted. You see, ever since I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, there was only one thing I wanted for my birthday—an invitation to Hogwarts.
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Heroes Get Remembered, But Legends Never Die

As childhoods go, mine was relatively uneventful.

I have no super traumatic hauntingly bad memories. (At least if I do have any super traumatic hauntingly bad memories, my psyche is doing a stellar job of repressing them.) I was never cut from a basketball team. Never abandoned by my parents. I can scarcely even remember ever skinning my knee when trying to ride a bike. I was never a child television star. (Contrary to popular belief, it was Gary Coleman, not I, who played Arnold Jackson on the hit 1980’s tv series Diff’rent Strokes.) In short, up until age thirteen or so, my life was boring. *

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College Life: Love and Tests

The following is a biweekly (That means twice a week, right? It doesn’t? Once every two weeks? Seriously? What’s the word for two times a week? Oh it is biweekly? Cool.) column in which I cover a number of different aspects pertaining to freshman year. Hopefully, this will be a good idea and will be interesting. Some of these recaps will make you laugh, some will make you cry, but they will always be mostly true. Of course, some names and dates have been changed to protect the innocent.

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