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So many people do bad things…

Apologies on the lack of posts this semester. Robbie has been preoccupied trying to convince his Northwestern peers that he has not indeed “lost his funny” as reports indicate, and Peter has been busy with his private new obsession. Myself, I have been busy dealing with the immense success of my school’s football team, all while trying to deal with my own emotional problems.

College can be tough, no? Being away from home, missing your family, dealing with classes, it goes on and on. I mean, sometimes the water works are inevitable. Am I overemotional? I don’t think so.

That’s why when I saw this video on YouTube, my heart ached – no, it broke – for this poor sorority girl, who was just concerned with the wellbeing of the sisters of the Alpha Chi sorority. Random girl from Oklahoma, I feel for you. Your reaction is in no way ridiculous and it is completely warranted.

Now I just wish I can have such helpful friends who are willing to document me during such desperate times.