Big Brother 82: Facebook

First off, I know what you’re thinking. Big Brother? Is that show still on tv?

I think it is. I can’t say with 100% certainty, but I’m pretty sure it’s still on television.

Don’t worry. This isn’t another television related post. This post is on advertising. Specifically, those ads on the side of Facebook.

I’m not exactly sure of their rules regarding privacy, but Facebook uses certain information from your profile to tailor advertising to your specific interests. For instance, if on your Facebook you talk about sports and you frequent ESPN and Sports Illustrated websites, advertisings about sporting goods will probably appear in the ads on the right. If you talk about certain movies, a little promotion for NetFlix might show up along side. If you mention stuff about porn, boom. You got your lotion & sock ads.

For some reason, my Facebook seems to think I’m interested in meeting young women in my area. I suppose this is true. Meeting women certainly does interest me. However, I can conclusively say that I am not interested in meeting any woman who would sign up for online dating services. Sorry, Facebook. As usual, you’re wrong.

Ultimately, that’s what makes online advertising mind numbingly stupid. Why are there advertisements for anything on the internet? I can already search for/do anything I want online. If I wanted to meet local single women in my area (ick) I’d google search single women (ick, again) near (insert locale) and a number of different websites would come up. If I needed to buy sporting goods, I’d go to ebay or Amazon. Why is Facebook using my profile to find out information about me to tailor advertisements to my interests? Don’t tell me what I’m already interested in. I already know. Facebook spends all this energy trying to figure out what I want but they only get it half right. That’s why you get advertisements like “Looking for a job? Your area needs 20 year old Cops now!” or “Find local singles!” Yes, I’d like a job, but I don’t want one now and, if I did, I would certainly want it to have better pay. And, yes, I’d like to meet single women, but internet women (if they are actually women) are disgusting.

Facebook, I encourage you to use your resources more wisely. It’s okay to spend energy on Facebook compiling information, but don’t use that information to put together crappy advertisements. Do like I do and use that time find out useless/specific information about girls you went to high school with.

Get on my level, Facebook.


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