Name: Robbie Levin

Location: Evanston, IL

College: Northwestern University

Major: Print Journalism

Weighing in at 5’11 and 180, Robbie does not seem like much of an athlete.  And he isn’t (acting is more of his thing).  But he was on the freshmen/sophomore tennis team for two years and he scored at least 2 points in the most recent Comedy Troupe/Singer Dancer basketball game, so his athleticism usually goes unquestioned.

While he is often recognized as a movie star, Robbie enjoys the anonymity of Evanston, IL.  After conquering a bout with homesickness in the fall, Robbie has finally overcome and is ready to live a normal life.  In addition to sports, Robbie enjoys politics and writing.  He recognizes The Office, Saturday Night Live and Anchorman as the three biggest influences on his humor, but he is always open to new comedy.  While he was voted “Funniest Senior” in the Glenbrook South High School Class of 2008, there has been speculation as to whether Robbie has “lost his funny.”  He hopes to disprove his doubters in the following months.


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