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The Top 10 Funniest TV Show Characters of the Past Decade (2000’s)

It’s no secret that we here we love our TV shows here at Pretzel Day. More specifically, we love funny ones. And seeing how we are comedy connoisseurs, we’d like to impart some of our wealth of wisdom on to you. And with the 2000’s having come to an end a few months ago, we’d like to look back on a decade of funny by ranking the top 10 funniest TV show characters since Y2K.

The rules are simple. The show that the character belongs to must have enjoyed its beginning or the bulk of its success during the time period of 2000 to 2009 (disqualifying shows like The Simpsons). Additionally, sketch comedy and late-night talk shows weren’t considered. Additionally, the show would have had to have at least 2+ seasons in order to properly develop the characters (sorry Freaks and Geeks).

Of course, my opinion is my opinion, and my list will generate some discussion, as I’m sure that even my colleagues here at Pretzel Day are bound to disagree with something about my list. But discussion is healthy, and this is definitely one worth having.

So, without further to do, here they are:

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