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Pretzel Day turns one month

6921_552866260215One month ago today we embarked on a journey.

Three aspiring, young writers took a chance and launched their very own website, unsure how the world would react.

Over five thousand views and many laughs later, here we are. Together. Us and you.

In honor of our first anniversary, (hopefully the first of many, but with the divorce rate as high as it is in this country, who knows) let’s take a look at the Best of Pretzel Day.


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Today, Pretzel Day feels like a proud father

6921_552866260211Pretzel Day has been familiar with Duke guard Jon Scheyer for a number of years now. In many respects, we have more in common with him than we do differences. We might have even been able to become friends.

However, seeing as how he continually beat our old high school basketball team, we never quite got along with him. (Also, the fact that we were never formally introduced is another obstacle to friendship.)

Regardless, we, and other high school students hailing from the north shore I’m sure, realized that, when photographed, he had a propensity to look kind of funny.

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Why is Kyle Orton celebrating?

6921_55286626029We know that Kyle Orton likes to party.

Thanks to this picture which began circulating the internet a few years ago, we can tell that Orton likes to party with Jack Daniels and what appears to be Coca-Cola. He also likes to pour alcohol onto his chin and leave it there, all shiny-like. Also, he lets it dribble onto his shirt.

Expect the bars and liquor stores in Orton’s hometown to experience a boom in business tonight, because barring some bizarre, unforeseen circumstance, he will have plenty to celebrate tonight.

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No word yet on the specific effect jungle juice has on one’s cancer risk

6921_55286626028Today is a sad day for college students everywhere. In addition to many colleges being in the midst of midterms (not mine, but some are) UK cancer researches have uncovered some harrowing news regarding alcohol and its effects.

For years, college students (and middle aged WASPy women with nothing better to do than watch soaps during the day) have argued that their heavy drinking was good for them because alcohol can be “heart healthy.” A study released by Cancer Research UK has gone and really screwed things up for everyone.

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Happy Pancake Day!

In the spirit of days giving out free food starting with the letter P, Pretzel Day would like to wish you a very Happy Pancake Day! From 7 AM to 10 PM, IHOP will be celebrating the holiday by giving out free short stacks (three) of their famous buttermilk pancakes. A day of stuffing your face with these fluffy delights, this holiday conjoins with Mardi Gras, as people all over the world to load up on their pancakes before Lent. I don’t really get it, but I’ll take the free flapperjacks. I’m planning on a breakfast, lunch, and dinner IHOP run tomorrow. College + Free Food = Awesome.

Danny Ocean’s involvement in the scheme remains unclear


Greece has a long and proud history and, given its size, has contributed an inordinate amount to the world.

Democracy, geometry, philosophy, Socrates and myself are just a few examples of Greek accomplishments which are still around today.

However, within the last few millenia, Greece’s contributions have declined a teeny bit. Aside from a brieft moment of glory during World War II when Greece kicked the crap out of Italy and gave Germany all they could handle, there have been more embarassing moments than proud ones.

Last Sunday was no different.

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The Oscars: Where ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ won enough gold to feed Mumbai for a decade

6921_55286626024Sorry for the slight break in posting, folks. I happened to be on a little vacation this weekend and my system was in a bit of a shock. I left the stark reality of the 765 for the luxurious escape of my hometown in the North Shore.

Anyways, the Oscars were last night and Slumdog Millionaire was the big winner. However, there were plenty of other highlights on the evening.

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